• ●All tickets are valid for travel as per the details indicated on the printed tickets at the time of issue. Passengers should ensure that these details are correct before leaving the booking office.
  • ●Money issued for tickets is not refundable.
  • ●Change of journey should be requested six hours before departure for cross border travel and three hours for local travel. Passengers who arrive late and are left by the scheduled bus may board the next available bus, if there is a vacant space available, on half the ticket price. If no bus or seat is available, we will consider the ticket expired.
  • ●A ticket opened twice will incur a fee which is half the price of the ticket value.
  • ●Any child above the age of five years will pay the full fare of a ticket.


  • ●Each adult passenger is allowed a maximum of two medium sized suitcases or bags free of charge – each item not exceeding 80 x 70 x 20 cm in size and 20 Kg in weight. Also allowed is one hand luggage, capable of fitting in one spot of the overhead luggage rack or under the seat (in front of the passenger) and an accessory bag (small handbag, briefcase, laptop or similar item).
  • ●It is the responsibility of each passenger to present personally their luggage for security examination when required.
  • ●Luggage must be labeled before stowage. The passenger must ensure that the correct details are indicated on the luggage tag which should show the seat number which the passenger will occupy.
  • ●The company does not accept liability for loss or damage to the passenger’s luggage or to any personal effects/ possessions of the passenger. Luggage is carried at owner’s risk.


  • ●All passengers must check- in prior to departure.
  • ●Check-in should be made at major departure terminals. Passengers are required to check-in no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time at the point indicated as the departure location.
  •  ●During check- in, passengers should produce their physical ticket or e- ticket (via email/ sms).
  • ●All cross border passengers should have correct and valid travel documents.



  • ●Passengers should desist from accepting any foods or drinks from fellow passengers to avoid incidences of drugging which may lead to loss of memory and eventually theft of luggage and personal effects.
  • ●Passengers should note that due to security procedures and customs regulations passengers will be required to disembark from the coach at Ferry Port, borders, coach stations or other locations to have their luggage checked and to present suitable identification documents for verification. All passengers shall be deemed to be fully acquainted with customs, police, and security, censorship and immigration requirements applicable to international travel. In the event of passengers being unable to satisfy the requirements of the relevant authorities before the departure time shown in the published timetables, services will not be delayed on a customer’s behalf. The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising as a result of such delays or inability to complete a journey. Any inconvenience caused by these restrictions is regretted.


Passengers are not permitted to:

  • ●Smoke in or on any part of a vehicle operated by the company
  • ●Bring on board intoxicating liquor.
  • ●Consume intoxicating liquor on the company’s vehicles
  • ●Enter or remain in the company vehicles having consumed intoxicating liquor or when drunk.
  • ●Remain on the vehicle when directed to leave by the driver or other company official, on the grounds of causing nuisance.


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